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New Wilmington homeowners upgrade country driveway

M&D Paving was in New Wilmington, PA to help upgrade a long and curvy country driveway.

Long lines of fresh asphalt in New Castle

M&D Paving was in New Castle, Pennsylvania laying down long straight lines of fresh asphalt!

West Middlesex homeowners upgrade their driveway

West Middlesex is our home town, so we love getting the opportunity to help homeowners and businesses here with their Paving and Sealcoating needs!  

Long country drive paved in Clinton

M&D Paving laid down a long country driveway worth of asphalt for these homeowners in Clinton, PA  

Residential paving project in Hubbard, OH

M&D Paving recently completed this residential driveway paving project in Hubbard, OH

New asphalt for Hermitage homeowners

M&D Paving helped these homeowners in Hermitage, PA get the driveway of their dreams!

Lake Latonka home updated with new driveway

M&D Paving loved helping these homeowners in Lake Latonka make their driveway as beautiful as their home!

Fresh asphalt for this Hermitage home

M&D Paving helped this homeowner in Hermitage, PA get their driveway redone with fresh asphalt!

Long country lane paved in Mercer

M&D Paving laid down fresh asphalt on this long country driveway in Mercer, PA

Curb appeal added to home in Hermitage

M&D Paving recently completed a paving project on this home in Hermitage, PA – instantly adding great curb appeal!